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Competitor Swim Racing Lanes

Proven Performance… whether at a local meet or in front of the world.

Competitor Swim  is the leader in racing lane technology, comprised of discs and donuts with flow through technology that allow for turbulence control the entire length of the lane, eliminating dead spots and water bounce-back. Internationally recognized for both its Competitor® racing lanes and the more recent Gold Medal racing lanes, introduced at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.

Each lane is made up of a series of 4-inch or 6-inch polyethylene discs and donuts assembled on a vinyl coated stainless steel cable, preventing rusting of the cable.

Competitor racing lanes are attached to the pool wall using a stainless steel spring at one end, and a stainless steel and bronze ratchet reel at the other for proper tension. For safety purposes the take up reel is designed to be tightened with a removable wrench. This prevents individuals from manipulating the lane lines.

Competitor’s lanes may be custom designed as they are assembled to your specifications to offer any color pattern you can imagine! Please see the Competitor Swim Color Chart for all available colors.

Shipped fully assembled and meeting all FINA, USA, NCAA and NFHS standards.


Competitor Swim 4″ inch Racing Lanes

Covers products starting with COMPETITOR PART No# 200329000 through 200345000.Each individual disc measures 4 inches in diameter and consists of a series of 5 fins projecting from the center hub. Mid way on the length of the disc hub is a radially extended web member, which supports an annular-section ring-shaped flanges in co-axial relationship with the central bore. To assist in damping the longitudinal wave forces, the web member is formed with a multiplicity of circular openings. The web in conjunction with the multiple fins combine to impede, aerate, dampen and break up the other. Both the web and the fins functions are very important in that most waves will not intersect the lane in a perpendicular manne