Level 3: Physiology School Online Certification Course (new!)

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 – Recorded with a live audience of swimming coaches

– Review how the body reacts and adapts to training

– Learn interaction of various physical and mental systems

– Develop your scientific knowledge of training structure

– Gain practical knowledge on how to develop a training plan

– Incorporate progressions to bring out improvements

– Discusses swimmers of all ages from new to Senior and Masters

– Planning training for developmental and accomplished swimmers


John Leonard

Presented by Coach John Leonard
ASCA Executive Director since 1985, John Leonard continues to coach his SwimFast team in South Florida. John is one of the best-known names in competitive swimming, and is regularly named to one of the “Top 10 Leaders in Swimming” lists by various organizations.  Whether already ASCA Level 3 certified or not, this gripping presentation on the complex topic of physiology applied to the sport of swimming is a must see for any swimming coach.
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“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one .”
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Level 3: Physiology School Online Certification Course (new!)


Purchasing this online course gives instant access to the course which includes instructional videos and final certification test.  This self-contained course allows qualified coaches to gain ASCA Level 3 Certification.  Once purchased it will be immediately viewable in the MY COURSES link on www.SwimmingCoach.org.

Product Description

The Level 3 Physiology School is the third of ASCA’s five certification courses. Level 3 offers a review of how the body can react and adapt to training, as well as serving as a resource for developing on knowledge on training structure. The 7 part video series features Coach John Leonard teaching the full Level 3 course. The course is available for instant access which gives practical knowledge on how to develop a long-term and short-term training plan, and how to incorporate progressions to bring about improvements. It begins with a review of the interaction of various physical and mental systems, continues with the scientific background for training, descriptions of training methodologies and terms, and then proceeds to discuss the planning of training for both new, developmental swimmers and accomplished swimmers of all ages, up to and including Senior and Masters swimmers.