The Missy Franklin/Kara Lynn Joyce swim film Touch the Wall showed at theASCA World Clinic 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio in September, and now it’s primed to show to your team, in your town.
Bring Touch the Wall to your local theater and have a team night at the movies, or show it at your pool, gym, or rec center.  Join the more than 400 clubs around the country who’ve had screenings for their swimmers.  It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to bring a team together.
There’s two ways to screen the film to your team or club – either in a local movie theater through Screening-On-Demand, or at your own screening location through a Group License (that you get to keep).
Touch the Wall follows the journeys of a 14 year-old Missy Franklin as she prepares for the biggest swim meet of her life, the 2012 Olympic Team Trials. Missy had been anointed as the rising star, but it wasn’t until 4-time Olympic Silver medalist Kara Lynn Joyce joined Missy’s age-group swim team in Colorado that Missy’s potential began to be realized.  Through a unique athletic friendship Kara and Missy raced, trained, and supported each other through the strains of the pre-Olympic year.  Their story is a wonderful tale of grace, commitment, and re-defining what it mean to win.  You can see the trailer here.
After premiering at the Denver Film Festival in front of 2800 fans, the film has shown more than 500 times around the country to swim clubs, teams, and fans of all ages.
To learn more about bringing the film to your team, click here, email the film team at, or call them at 562.433.8300.
To learn more about the film, visit the film’s website.
Touch the Wall
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